As I launch my candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District of West Virginia, some of you are asking “Who the heck is Joe Earley?”

Joe Earley is NOT a career politician. Joe Earley is NOT part of an entrenched, legacy political family.

  • Joe Earley IS a native West Virginian and a distinguished veteran that served this great nation.
  • Joe Earley IS concerned, like a large majority of Americans, that our constitutional republic is in jeopardy. 

The Democrats’ unrelenting attacks against our nation’s laws, their contempt for the American Way of Life, their purposeful dismantling of American Values, and their indoctrination of our children under the guise of public education will result in the demise of United States, as we know it!


Why I am running

I cannot stand idly by, watching our founding principles and our American Way of Life be destroyed. Career politicians, entrenched political families, “woke” corporations, and special interest groups are leading the charge against America and systematically dismantling our Republic and infringing on our constitutionally guaranteed rights.  I intend to meet this leftist effort head-on and affect change through principled leadership and effective representation of West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. This representation will align with the principles enshrined within the United States Constitution and shared by my fellow West Virginians.



As a patriot and a veteran, I have stood in the gap as a firewall, defending freedom from tyranny and liberty from oppression. As the elected representative of the 2nd District of West Virginia, I will honor the legacy of past generations of Americans that sacrificed greatly to make America the great nation it is. Our country will stand, once again, as a beacon of Freedom and Individual Liberty. Together, we will stop the increasing levels of government bureaucracies aided by "woke" corporate henchmen. Together, we will support the current generation of soldiers and families that bear the ugly scars of endless wars – many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice in selfless service to our country to preserve the American Way of Life.


West Virginia's 2nd District



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