Serve the citizens of West Virginia, specifically the 2nd Congressional District with principled representation and effective leadership.  Ensure that legislation aligns with, and focuses on, an America First Policy while upholding the stated principles of the United States Constitution.  This representation and leadership will focus on:

Maintaining National Sovereignty  Achieving Economic Prosperity  Pursuing and Maintaining Energy Independence

2nd Amendment Protections and the Right of Self-Defense Stop Illegal Immigration and Maintain Border Security

Advocate for Pro-Life | Pro-Family  Actively supporting our Veterans  Education Protection  Community Protections


Maintaining National Sovereignty

Supporting America First Policies to maintain National Sovereignty and legislating to achieve and support an effective National Defense capability while fighting to preserve our constitutional republic as defined within the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Achieving Economic Prosperity

Effectively developing, petitioning for, and supporting legislation for West Virginia Jobs and America’s Economic Prosperity.






Pursuing and Maintaining American Energy Independence







Pursuing Energy Independence by leveraging American Energy Resources and advocating for a Strong Economy that emphasizes Made in America and Small Business Initiatives, and Protection of American Technology.

2nd Amendment Protections and the Right to Self-Defense







Advocating for effective policies that support the enforcement of our nations laws, devoid of selective enforcement through prosecutorial and judicial activism.


Stop Illegal Immigration and Maintain Border Security

Preserving the American Way of Life and regain America’s respected status on the world stage of being a beacon of Freedom and role model of Liberty.

Advocate for Pro-Life | Pro-Family







Fighting against attempts to undermine the Family and maintaining a Moral and Ethical Responsibility to the Sanctity of Life.

Actively supporting our Veterans







Addressing Veteran needs and supporting Veteran Programs.

Education Protection

Restore American Education System integrity by removing racially antagonistic and divisive curriculum from our schools, while focusing on the fusion of STEM literacy as core curriculum components.

Community Protections







Supporting Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Personnel.

Addressing the opioid and fentanyl epidemic.



West Virginia's 2nd District


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Lucy M. Johnson, PhD, Treasurer

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