Serve the citizens of West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District with principled representation and effective leadership.  Ensure that legislation aligns with, and focuses on, an America First Policy while upholding the stated principles of the United States Constitution.  This representation and leadership will focus on:

Term Limits for Congress  Economic Prosperity not Inflation  Pro-Life

Empower Parents and Educate Next Generation Election Integrity

National Sovereignty  Preserve ALL of Our Constitutional Rights  Energy Independence  End Illegal Immigration


Term Limits for Congress

Joe Earley is not a career politician or a former lobbyist unlike his opponent.  Joe is the only candidate to sign the Term Limits pledge, because he embraces the vision of our founding fathers of a citizen’s legislature.  Nothing will change in Washington if we don’t end the stranglehold of career politicians who always put their power ahead of the people.  As our next Congressman, Joe Earley will co-sponsor Rep. Ralph Norman’s term limits legislation.

Economic Prosperity not Inflation

West Virginia needs jobs!  As our next Congressman, Joe Earley will fight for economic prosperity by rolling back taxes and regulations that are job killers.  Moreover, he will fully support our coal industry that has been the lifeblood of our state.  We can count on Joe to support small business, revive our economy, grow jobs, and reverse bad Biden policy.

Moreover, Joe knows how the printing of money by the federal government is causing inflation and jeopardizing the fiscal stability of our nation.  He is the only candidate to oppose the bad debt ceiling plan that put our nation another $4 trillion in debt.  Joe will fight for a balanced budget, stop earmarking of funds, end picking winners and losers by the federal government, and restore American energy independence.



Joe Earley strongly believes that all life is precious.  As our next Congressman, he will work to  stop the devaluing the gift of life, defund abortion providers, and support adoption.  You can count on Joe Earley to protect the life at every stage of life.







Empower Parents and Educate Next Generation

As our next Congressman, Joe Earley will work to empower parents in the classroom and get politics out of the curriculum.  Joe will stop the radicalization and the gender confusion happening in our schools.  As a veteran, Joe has the fortitude to take on the teacher’s union that is consumed by implementing a dangerous left-wing agenda.  He supports Senate Bill S.3218: Parents’ Bill of Rights Act 2021 and will co-sponsor H.R. 5 – Parents Bill of Rights Act. 


Election Integrity

As our next Congressman, Joe Earley will work to restore people’s faith in our electoral system.  He is committed to serving on the Election Integrity Caucus when elected to Congress. 

National Sovereignty

As a veteran, Joe Earley has put his life on the line to protect our freedoms and our country and he understands that peace comes from strength.  As our next Congressman, he will support our military and national defense.  He will NOT allow our nation to be vulnerable to foreign threats such as China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia.



Preserve ALL of Our Constitutional Rights







As a veteran, Joe Earley is a strong protector and fervent defender of Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He will fight to preserve all of our Constitution rights whether it is taking on big tech or liberal special interest groups that want to trample our First and Second amendment rights. 

Unlike the woke culture, he doesn’t believe that the Constitution is a living document that can metamorphized. The Constitution is a timeless and immutable document that aligns with Natural Law and Objective Truth.  Joe Earley believes that our schools much start teaching the importance of the United States Constitution and our rights in the classroom.

Energy Independence

As a veteran, Joe Earley has the backbone to take on the woke environmentalist in DC who oppose fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil).  He will work to make our country energy independent once again by leveraging America’s resources and cutting out foreign oil.  West Virginia can count on Joe.

End Illegal Immigration

Our country is being invaded via the southern border.  Like you, Joe Earley is outraged by President Biden’s failure to secure our borders.  As our next Congressman, Joe Earley will stop the kicking the can down the road on the issue of illegal immigration.  He will support funding building the wall, ending the catch and release program, funding ICE and so much more.

As a veteran, we can count on Joe to protect our nation provide for border security.



West Virginia's 2nd District


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